Cloud Field Day 19

About Cloud Field Day 19

Cloud Field Day focuses on the impact of cloud on enterprise IT. Cloud Field Day brings together the best independent thought leaders in the enterprise cloud to discuss pressing issues and technology advancements with key companies in the space. It covers many diverse topics of interest such as containerization, orchestration, serverless computing, cloud storage, data movement, data protection, application, and service management to the delegates and their audience.

Introduction to Platform9 Elastic Machine Pool (EMP)

Designed for DevOps/FinOps teams, EMP dramatically improves your EKS cluster CPU and memory utilization – with zero app/pod disruptions and no changes required to your app resource configuration set by the developers.

Platform9 EMP cost analyzer and EKS cluster management demo

In this demo, explore the Elastic Machine Pool (EMP) cost analyzer and strategy for managing Amazon EKS clusters. Get insights about the tool’s ability to estimate savings for AWS EKS clusters by assessing current expenses and forecasting potential savings.

Democratizing cloud computing with Platform9

Introducing Platform9, highlighting its commitment to making cloud computing accessible to all and the distinctive services it provides to businesses. Platform9 leverages open-source technologies such as Kubernetes and OpenStack, delivering them via a SaaS model.

Learn how Elastic Machine Pool (EMP) maximizes EKS utilization and saves 50% on AWS costs. 

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Media coverage

Futurum Insights delves into the collaboration between platform engineering and FinOps in Kubernetes deployments, highlighting Platform9's innovative approach. It emphasizes how Platform9's solutions enable organizations to effectively manage their Kubernetes environments while optimizing costs and maximizing performance. By integrating platform engineering principles with FinOps practices, businesses can achieve greater efficiency and scalability in their Kubernetes deployments, ultimately driving enhanced value and ROI.

Gestalt IT highlights Platform9's innovative solution for maximizing Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) utilization, emphasizing the introduction of the Elastic Machine Pool, a feature designed to automate the scaling of EKS worker nodes based on demand, optimizing resource utilization and cost-effectiveness. Platform9's Elastic Machine Pool offers seamless integration with EKS, enabling organizations to dynamically adjust their Kubernetes clusters in real-time, ensuring optimal performance while minimizing operational overhead.