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Maximize cloud usage and cost efficiency using FinOps best practices
Join us for a discussion with FinOps Ambassador Dieter Matzion to get actionable insights on cloud usage and cost optimization based on his experience at Roku, Intuit, Netflix and Google.

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Maximizing cloud infrastructure efficiency

Topics covered

  • Understanding FinOps and its importance in cloud cost management.
  • Core FinOps principles: team collaboration, ownership, and leveraging the cloud's variable cost model.
  • Rate and usage optimization strategies: enterprise agreements, savings plans, rightsizing, cloud parking and compute optimization.
  • Current FinOps tools landscape, what they solve for, and their limitations
  • Real-world data and case studies, including Intuit's cloud migration success.
  • Strategies for cloud cost reduction: proactive monitoring, rightsizing, and auto-scaling.
  • Overcoming organizational challenges in implementing resource utilization principles.

FinOps thought leadership webinar series

  • In webinar #1, gain a deeper understanding of the FinOps framework, best practices and different approaches to solving cloud usage and cost optimization challenges.
  • In webinar #2, learn about an innovative compute engine for public clouds, specifically targeted for EKS users, and how it addresses the compute utilization challenges in a unique way.


Meet the speakers

Kamesh Pemmaraju-2
Kamesh Pemmaraju

Head of Marketing,

Before joining Platform9, Kamesh had several years of product management and marketing experience at Dell, Mirantis, and ZeroStack focused on delivering open-source private and hybrid cloud solutions to enterprises and service providers.

Dieter Matzion
Dieter Matzion
Sr. Cloud Governance Engineer
Roku Inc.

Dieter Matzion is a member of Roku’s Cloud Technology and Infrastructure team, supporting Cloud FinOps across AWS, GCP, and Azure. Most recently, Dieter was part of Intuit’s Technology Finance team, where he supported the AWS cost optimization program.