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In this interview with theCUBE at KubeCon 2023, Platform9's co-founder and VP of Product, Madhura Maskasky, introduces our latest innovation, Elastic Machine Pool (EMP) for AWS EKS


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Team Platform9
Team Platform9 at KubeCon 2023 North America edition
Madhura Maskasky, Co-Founder and VP of Product, unveiling our latest product Elastic Machine Pool (EMP)
Team Platform9 networking at Booth B32
Kubecon 2023
KubeCon 2023 North America edition
Platform9 at KubeCon 2023

Zero-Touch Kubernetes Provisioning from the Bare Metal Up – a live demonstration at KubeCon 2023

Peter Fray, Field CTO, Platform9, demonstrates our zerotouch provisioning capability for Kubernetes clusters in real-time

Running 10,000 batch jobs per minute across K8s clusters

Chris Jones, Head Business Development, Platform9, talks about Armada, an innovative open-source tool designed to schedule multiple workloads across various Kubernetes (k8s) clusters

Fully managed Machine Learning and Kubernetes on-premises

Chris Paap, Sales Engineer, Platform9, discusses the integration of Union AI and Platform9 Managed Kubernetes for machine learning

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