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Elastic Machine Pool (EMP)

Run EKS on 50% fewer compute resources

  • Optimized virtualization on AWS bare metal 
  • Zero pod disruption for your Java, AI, and other stateful workloads
  • No changes needed for pod request and limit settings
Dieter Matzion-Jun-05-2024-12-29-52-0188-PM

“EMP is unique because it automates everything behind the scenes. Unlike other tools that require manual actions and don’t scale well, EMP allows for over-provisioning and VM live migration without intervention, eliminating the need for Jira ticket delays and complex exception management."


  • Platform9 EMP is designed to work with AWS EKS only, you will need an EKS cluster and to provide AWS credentials
  • Platform9 EMP is designed to work with workloads that have combined configured memory > 400GB in a single AZ within a region